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Writs and appeals to the State and Federal Courts in criminal and civil cases.

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As a litigation law firm handling civil and criminal matters, Sanger Dunkle Law, P.C. has always been - and is now - available at all times (24/7) for urgent matters by calling the office at 805-962-4887.  Sanger Dunkle Law, P.C. has been using the latest technology for some time and we are fortunate to be able to represent our clients and to consult with new clients while complying with the Governor's orders and CDC recommendations.  We are fully staffed and the attorneys and other professionals in the firm are available to conduct business by telephone, video conference and, where necessary, by court appearance.  We also accept collect calls from people in jails and prisons.

Sanger Dunkle Law, P.C. is also acutely aware that the orders of the various courts - on the county, state and federal levels -- have made our jobs more challenging while collaterally causing potential harm to our clients.  We have had long term relationships with the courts and various governmental agencies, as well as with local, state and national criminal defense and civil litigation organizations.  We are making not only individual, but systemic efforts to make sure that the legal needs of our clients are being met.


If you have any questions, please call at 805-962-4887.


Sanger Dunkle Law, P.C., its lawyers and professional staff are dedicated to the representation of individuals and businesses in criminal and civil litigation. We limit our practice to litigation. We handle jury and court trials in State and Federal courts. In addition, we emphasize pre-indictment and pre-litigation negotiations, pre-trial litigation and settlements, as well as trials, writs and appeals.


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